Save the Date: June 29, 2010 is Library Advocacy Day!

When making your travel plans for the 2010 Annual Conference, be sure to stay long enough to participate in Library Advocacy Day! Keep an eye on the ALA Washington Office page for more information in coming months; basic details are below.


For one year only, Library Advocacy Day will replace National Library Legislative Day (NLLD). On June 29, 2010, library advocates from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. will meet at Upper Senate Park on the U.S. Capitol grounds. The event, which will begin at 11 a.m., will feature guest speakers, photo ops, and a chance to cheer on libraries! After the rally, participants will meet with their elected officials and their staffs.

Your NLLD coordinator will be running point for your state, so please get in touch with them if you plan to attend. To find out whom your NLLD coordinator is, please click here.

The states with the most people will be featured front and center, which means they are the ones that will be in the majority of pictures. Make sure your state is the most represented so your group can be in the most pictures!

ASCLA Seeking Project Director – Revised RFP timeline

Request for Proposal 
Project Director for the revision of the Standards and Guidelines of Service for the Library of Congress Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
American Library Association
Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies

I. Introduction

A. Purpose
The American Library Association is seeking an individual to serve as Project Director to oversee revision of the 2005 Revised Standards and Guidelines of Service for the Library of Congress Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The Project Director will facilitate and coordinate all phases of the standards development process including managing a working team and project advisory committee of consumers and librarians. Additional responsibilities include arranging meetings for the working team and advisory committee, scheduling public hearings and presentations before interested groups, conducting research, preparing drafts and the final copy of the standards document and handling distribution, and planning project expenditures and managing budgeted funds.

B. Summary of Project
This is a project to oversee revision of the 2005 Revised Standards and Guidelines of Service for the Library of Congress Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Since the last standards were developed, there have been a number of significant changes in the operation of Network libraries and in the development and use of new technologies. 

The revision process will be funded by a grant from the Library of Congress/National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LC/NLS) to the American Library Association. The Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA), a division of the ALA, will administer the project.

The project will be carried out under the leadership of a Project Director who will be hired by ASCLA. Two additional persons will work with the Project Director to form a “Working Team.” The Working Team will meet regularly throughout the project to carry out most of the work. A Project Advisory Committee will also be appointed to advise the Working Team, review draft products, and represent the views and concerns of both consumers and librarians. The Executive Director of ASCLA will administer the project for ALA. 

The project is expected to be completed by October 2011. A schedule for the project is included in point VII.

The project budget includes funds for the travel expenses of the Project Director, Working Team and Advisory Committee. It also provides a fee for the Project Director.
II. Submission of Response
 Applicants must submit one print copy and one copy on a CD of the proposal by 4:30pm CT on February 19, 2010 to:

American Library Association
Attention: Susan Hornung
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2795

Proposals not received by the date and time specified may not be considered and will be returned to the sender marked “LATE RESPONSE.” Telefacsimile or e-mail submissions will not be accepted.

Questions about the Request for Proposal or requests for further information should be addressed to:

Susan Hornung
Executive Director, ASCLA
American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60511
800-545-2433 x4395
312-944-8085 (fax)

III. Role of Project Director
The Project Director will facilitate and coordinate all phases of the standards development process, with the assistance of the Working Team and Advisory Committee. This person facilitates the group process of developing the standards.

This will involve the following responsibilities:
• Arranging meetings for the Working Team and Advisory Group
• Arranging for public hearings and presentations before interested groups
• Conducting necessary research
• Hiring and paying for services of any project support staff
• Preparing all drafts and final copies of standards and handling their distribution
• Communicating with the Working Team and Advisory Committee and  handle inquiries from the field
• Providing progress reports for the ASCLA Standards Review Committee and for the ALA Standards Committee
• Working with the Manager of Web Services and the ASCLA Executive Director regarding the specifics of the contract and expenditures

IV. Factors for Selecting Project Director
 The following factors will be examined to determine the successful proposal.

A. Background and Experience
The successful candidate will demonstrate:
1. background and experience with the network of libraries for the blind and physically handicapped
2. background and experience with library and other services for persons with disabilities
3. background and experience with the development and use of library standards and guidelines
4. background and experience with similar projects and responsibilities
5. background and experience working with laws covering services for persons with disabilities
B. Timetable for Carrying Out the Project
The successful candidate will be able to meet the deadlines listed in the schedule. (See VII) 

V. Proposal Specifications
A.  General Instructions
The proposal must comply with the content requirements detailed in this section. The applicant must submit a complete proposal that provides proof of experience and qualifications to complete the required activities and the estimated costs to do so. If the applicant is a doctoral student, he/she should send a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who agrees to supervise work on this project.

A complete proposal includes:
1. Letter of application
2. Formal proposal (including budget)
3. Attachments as appropriate (resume, etc.)
4. Five (5) copies of the proposal are due by 4:30 on Monday, February 19, 2010
Send to:
American Library Association
Attention: Susan Hornung
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-2795

All costs for the applicant’s proposal preparation are the responsibility of the applicant and may not be charged to the budget for the study.

B. Letter of Application
The letter of application must be signed by one or more individuals qualified to perform the work described. Individuals signing the letter must indicate position title. A contact person for further information must be identified.

C. Formal Proposal
The formal proposal must detail methodology, scope of work, implementation steps and adherence to the schedule. The proposal must provide an overview of the approach to be taken in completing the tasks required and outline specific activities to be undertaken in order to produce the required final product.  

Any anticipated theoretical or practical problems associated with the completion of each task must be discussed in the proposal, and solutions, alternatives or contingency plans related to these problems must be proposed as appropriate.

1. Staffing Section
The staffing section must present a plan for the work that will ensure accomplishment of all needed tasks. Staff assigned to the project must be identified by name, title, and the amount of time devoted to each project task.

2. Budget
The budget proposal must contain, at a minimum, the following information (in sufficient detail to show how cost is determined):
• Compensation, at a per day or other unit rate for personnel, and the number of hours projected for each individual to complete each task within the scheduled timeline.
• Computing/data tabulation/data gathering costs
• Contracted services
• Miscellaneous costs
• Total cost for project
NOTE: Institutional overhead is not an acceptable cost. No more than $20,000 will be spent on the fee for the Project Director. The cost of travel for the Project Director is provided by the grant and does not need to be included in the budget. Expenses for telephone, fax, postage and duplicating are also covered by the grant and are not charged against the Project Director’s fee.

3. Attachments
• The proposal must include resumes of all project staff.
• Submit the names of three references that are familiar with your qualifications and experiences.

VI. Other Considerations
A. Compensation
No more than $20,000 will be provided for the Project Director’s fee.

B. Selection Process
The Project Director will be selected from those proposals submitted in response to this RFP. The proposals will be reviewed by an Ad Hoc Selection Committee, comprised of a past ASCLA President, the ASCLA Standards Review Committee Chair, and a Network Librarian. This Committee will make a recommendation to the ASCLA Board of Directors for their approval. The Project Director will be hired by ASCLA.

C. Contract for Services and Payment Schedule
ASCLA will prepare a contract with the Project Director that includes the specific responsibilities and timetable for the project. (The final timetable may vary from the one included in the RFP.) It will also clarify a schedule for payment that will be negotiated between the Project Director and the ASCLA Executive Director.

D. Financial Reports
The Project Director will submit financial reports that show, for each expenditure category in the proposal, what was budgeted and was actually spent.

E. Products
The results of this project will be a revised version of the 2005 Revised Standards and Guidelines of Service for the Library of Congress Network of Libraries for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. The final version and all drafts will be submitted to the ASCLA Executive Director in both a printed and electronic (Microsoft Word) format.

F. Ownership of Materials
All materials developed, data collected, or reports prepared under the terms of this project agreement become the property of the ALA. ALA reserves the non-exclusive rights to copy such material and to publish, disseminate, and otherwise use the materials developed under the terms of this agreement in print or electronically.

VII.         Deliverables and Meeting Schedule              BOLD- designates deliverables

Schedule of outline established December 17, 2009
The RFP for the Project Director is announced through the LC/NLS network, ALA press release, and notices sent to interested individuals January 31, 2010
Respondents submit their proposals to ASCLA Executive Director  Feb 19, 2010
Ad Hoc Selection Committee reviews proposals and makes a recommendation to the ASCLA Board and LC/NLS liaison March 2, 2010
ASCLA Board selects Project Director March 6, 2010
ASCLA hires Project Director and draws up contract for services March 20, 2010
ASCLA President, with LC/NLS input, appoints Working Team and Advisory Committee members March 20, 2010
Working team meeting,  (3 days)  Advisory committee meeting, (1 day) April 2010
Distribution of working paper May 2010
Working team meeting; Project Director at National Conference of Librarians Serving Blind and Physically Handicapped Individuals May 20, 2010,Des Moines
Working team meeting  – ELECTRONIC June 2010
Working team meeting  Annual –DCJune 24-30, 2010
Project Director Reports to ASCLA Board Annual – DCJune 24-30, 2010
Project Director holds public hearings at ALA Annual 2010   Annual 2010June 24-30, 2010
Distribution of first draft August 2010
Working team meeting October 2010
Working team meeting  Midwinter 2011San Diego
Project Director reports to ASCLA Board Midwinter 2011San Diego
Project Director holds public hearings  Midwinter 2011San Diego
Distribution of second draft March 2011
Working team meeting-ELECTRONICAdvisory committee meeting – ELECTRONIC March 2011
Working team meetingAdvisory committee meeting  May 2011 (before distribution of proposed standards)
Distribution of proposed standards May 2011
Project Director meets with ALA/ASCLA BoardWorking Team or Advisory Meetings as  needed at ALA Annual 2011 Annual 2011 (late June)  New Orleans
ASCLA Board approval of standards (or done electronically by August 2011)


Annual 2011 (late June)  New Orleans
Delivery of 25 copies of published product to NLS and an electronic copy to be mounted on NLS’s Network Library Services (non public) web site.  October 2011


Final 11-30-09 CAD

Rev. Final 12-29-09 SH         

Rev. timeline 1-26-10 SH

ASCLA Discussion Groups at Midwinter: downloadable brochure

Learn everything you need to know about ASCLA discussion groups at Midwinter–download this handy brochure and take it with you to Boston. Groups are open to anyone interested in the topics, and are a great way to meet others and collaborate to solve common professional challenges.

This snappy and informative one-page brochure also talks about ASCLA membership–who we are, our annual activities and the benefits of joining this amazing group of professionals.

Do you see yourself in ASCLA? If you belong with us, click over to to join! Annual membership dues are just $40. Reach our membership and customer service team at 800-545-2433 to join by phone.

Midwinter workshop registration closes Friday, Jan. 8!

Hard to believe it, but Midwinter is upon us, and registration closes tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 8, for RUSA’s genealogy institute and ASCLA’s universal design workshop, which both still have seats available.

Visit to sign up now. Links below will take you to blog entries with more information about the events. You do not have to register for Midwinter in order to participate in these workshops–come for the day, stay for the learning, leave with valuable knowledge!

(The popular ASCLA consulting workshop is sold out, and will be offered again at the Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.—registration is open now at

ASCLA: “Breaking Down Barriers: Best Practices in Universal Design for Libraries”
What it covers:
How to create a library that is not only physically accessible to all library patrons, but also takes into account accessible communication and information tools available to libraries. Best practices, advice for your library’s specific accessibility challenge and how to account for accessibility in strategic and long-range planning will be discussed.
Who should attend:
Library leaders, library friends and any librarians or staff from all types of libraries looking to improve the accessibility their library in both the short and long term.
Friday, Jan. 15, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Institute for Human-Centered Design, 200 Portland Street, Suite 1, Boston.
$185 until Jan. 8.
More info at:

RUSA: “The Genealogy Reference Desk: Where Everyone Knows Your Name”
What it covers:
Core genealogy reference skills, as well as resources unique to the New England area
Who should attend:
Reference desk staff at all types of libraries looking to better serve patrons as well as those with family roots in New England interested in researching their own heritage.
Friday, Jan. 15, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, 99 Newbury Street, Boston.
Starting at $125 for RUSA members until Jan. 8.
More info at:

Register for all of these events by visiting Midwinter Meeting registration is NOT required in order to participate in these workshops.

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Kick off privacy week at Midwinter with ALA OIF

Here’s some information about an exciting upcoming event from the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF). Visit their website at


OIF invites you to help launch ALA’s new privacy initiative, Choose Privacy Week, at a fun and exciting event featuring social critic Hal Niedzviecki, author of The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors (City Lights Books, 2009).

This event will take place during the ALA 2010 Midwinter Meeting from 4 – 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 16, in Room 252 A/B of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and will offer snacks and beverages for attendees. ALA President Camila Alire will be in attendance to welcome Niedzviecki and to introduce ALA’s first-ever Choose Privacy Week.

Read the entire OIF blog post about this event.

An invitation from ASCLA leadership to shape the future!

Mark Your Calendar Now for the ALA 2010 Midwinter Meeting – Boston, Massachusetts

ASCLA Leadership Session
10:30 am to 12 noon
Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Room 155

Bring your creative ideas for ASCLA’s future and win a special gift!

Did you know that ASCLA has:

–647 personal members

–4 sections, 25 committees and taskforces, 5 forums, 10 discussion groups and one Assembly

–120 committee members

–30 committee chairs and co-chairs

–36 elected division and section officers

–13 ASCLA representatives to other ALA groups and outside organizations

–15 ASCLA Board members, including 4 Executive committee members, 1 Interface Editor and….

–1 full-time ASCLA staff member (25% executive director, 50% marketing specialist and 25% web services manager)

Have you ever asked:

–Why is so much precious ASCLA member time and expertise spent on PROCESS?

–Why does it take so long to GET THINGS DONE?

–Are there new opportunities to STREAMLINE PRIORITY WORK?

–What kind of ASCLA structure will best help members focus on RESULTS?

THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY… don’t miss this important opportunity to:

–Share your vision for ASCLA’s future!

–Network with your ASCLA colleagues!

–Identify top priorities for ASCLA restructuring!

–Propose new ideas for how ASCLA can meet member needs!



Carol Ann Desch and Diana Reese

Co-Chairs, ASCLA Budget and Planning Committee