Meet the ASCLA Board of Directors: Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer, President-Elect/Vice President

Throughout the coming weeks on this blogspace, we’ll be profiling members of the ASCLA Board of Directors, and it’s the perfect opportunity to learn a bit more about these amazing leaders! Does something in their replies pique your interest? Reach out to them via their contact info at the end of the post. A little networking goes a long way towards improving your personal and professional life.

Kathi Moeller-Peiffer
Kathi Moeller-Peiffer

Kathleen Moeller-Peiffer

Deputy State Librarian for Lifelong Learning

New Jersey State Library

Kathi is also ASCLA’s President-Elect, and completed a different Q&A session back in the spring–you can read it here.

  • Why did you join ASCLA? I joined ASCLA as it was the best professional “fit” within ALA once I began my work at a state library.
  • How has ASCLA helped you in your career? ASCLA has helped me in my career by the ability to meet so many talented and interesting people from which I have learned so much, especially about leadership.
  • What are some of the ASCLA activities you’ve participated in (committee volunteering, etc.)? I’ve participated in the State Library Agency Section, the Membership Committee, the President’s Program Committee and as Secretary on the ASCLA Board.
  • What is the current hot topic in your area of library work? How can ASCLA/ALA help address this issue? Ebooks are a hot topic for everyone. ASCLA can help by the discussions we have at board meetings on this and a variety of issues.
  • Tell us about your current role at your library/institution, and maybe a little bit about your career path, too. I currently work with three project specialists with expertise in such areas as youth services, diversity and outreach to small business. I worked in public libraries for most of my career which was excellent preparation for State Library work.
  • Describe a particularly rewarding experience in your library career. My most rewarding experience in my library career was being part of the team that brought up staff and public Internet access at the Durham County Library in Durham North Carolina.
  • What are you currently reading or listening to? I just finished Jill McCorkle’s book Life after Life and am saving other favorite authors for my upcoming August vacation.
  • Give one fun fact about yourself. I trained for a sprint triathlon that I never got to participate in, but I will finish one in my lifetime!
  • Any hobbies? See “fun fact” above!
  • Who is your hero? My heroes are my children as I watch them each find their own path in the world.

Reach Kathi at kpeiffer -at- njstatelib (dot) org.

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