ALA Press release

The Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA) is now accepting nominations for its 2010 awards program.  The purpose of ASCLA awards is to recognize outstanding achievements in networking, enrichment, educational opportunities, and service by library agencies, libraries serving special populations, multitype library organizations and independent librarians. ASCLA encourages people to submit nominations for the following awards by the deadline of Dec. 15, 2009:

Cooperative, Consulting, Multitype and State Library Services

Leadership and Professional Achievement Award is a citation recognizing leadership and achievement by one or more ASCLA members in the following areas: consulting, multitype library cooperation, networking, statewide service and programs and state library development.

Extension and Outreach Services

Exceptional Service Award is a citation presented to recognize exceptional service to patients in a medical facility, to persons who are homebound, to inmates, and to older adults, and adults with a physical or mental disability, who live in group homes or residences. The award also recognizes professional leadership, effective interpretation of programs, pioneering activity, and significant research.

Service to ASCLA

Cathleen Bourdon Award is a citation presented to an ASCLA personal member for outstanding service and leadership to the division. The award recognizes sustained leadership and exceptional service through participation in activities which have enhanced the stature, reputation and overall strength of ASCLA, as well as representation of ASCLA to other appropriate organizations, institutions, or governmental agencies.

Service to People with Disabilities

ASCLA/KLAS/NOD Award is a citation that recognizes an innovative and well-organized project that has successfully developed or expanded services for people with disabilities.  The award can be for a specific service(s) program or for a library that has made its total services more accessible through changing physical and/or attitudinal barriers. The award carries a $1000 prize funded by Keystone Systems.

Francis Joseph Campbell Award is an award consisting of a citation and a medal presented to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of library service for blind and physically handicapped people. This contribution may take the form of an imaginative and constructive program in a particular library; a recognized contribution to the national library program for blind persons; creative participation in library associations or organizations that advance reading for the blind; a significant publication or writing in the field; imaginative contribution to library administration, reference, circulation, selection, acquisitions or technical services; or any activity of recognized importance.

Please consult the ASCLA Awards section of the ASCLA website for award criteria, submission information, and nomination forms. For further information, contact Liz Markel, ASCLA Marketing Specialist, at: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 4398, (312) 280-4398 or by email,