by Diana Reese, ASCLA Vice-President/President-Elect

Diana Reese, ASCLA Vice-President/President-Elect

Diana Reese, ASCLA Vice-President/President-Elect

For 28 years I have worked with diverse library types and populations�public, school, and correctional. It was working with youth and adult offenders that brought me to ASCLA 20 years ago.� There I found a welcoming group of librarians who shared my passion and interests.� There were those who worked with special populations, as I did, who mentored me in correctional librarianship, developed my leadership capacity, and taught me about assistive technologies, universal design, and accessibility. There were those who worked with state library agencies, as I did, who helped me understand the crucial role these organizations play in improving library services across all types of libraries.

So I am humbled and excited to assume my duties as ASCLA’s Vice-President/President-Elect. In the first two months, I have seen first-hand how hard ASCLA staff and Executive Committee members work between conferences. Many of you participate at the discussion group, forum, and section level, yet have much to contribute beyond these activity areas.� Other ASCLA members are looking for the opportunity to serve and grow the division in meaningful ways, but are uncertain what that might look like.

One of my primary duties as vice-president is to make appointments to ASCLA committees and to other ALA units. Appointments are generally for a two-year term and participation may be virtual (electronic).� I will solicit volunteers beginning in January, so please take a moment to look at the many ASCLA leadership and growth opportunities at the ASCLA website.� More information on how to volunteer will be forthcoming in the Winter issue of Interface.

No matter what brought you to ASCLA, there is a way your skills and talents can be put to meaningful use.� Please contact me with any suggestions or concerns you may have. I would also love to hear what brought you to ASCLA. The inbox is always open!