Here is the list of current interest group leaders. For instructions on how to join an of the Interest Groups, see or contact the Interest Group leader.
ASCLA Alzheimer’s & Related Dementias Interest Group
This interest group focuses on creating, disseminating and implementing guidelines for library services to people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) has already established such guidelines and they can readily be adapted for use in the United States.
Leader: Mary Beth Riedner,

ASCLA Bridging Deaf Cultures @ your library Interest Group
Primary focus is building support for the nation’s libraries to work with organizations serving the deaf (OSD) in forming a Deaf Cultural Digital Library.
Leader: Alec McFarlane,

ASCLA Collaborative Digitization Interest Group
Collaborative Digitization Group Interest Group for library cooperatives which are combinations, mergers, or contractual associations of one or more types of libraries (academic, public, special, or school) crossing jurisdictional, institutional, or political boundaries, working together to achieve maximum effective use of funds to provide library and information services to all citizens above and beyond those which can be provided through one institution. Such cooperative organizations or agencies may be designated to serve a community, a metropolitan area, a region within a region, or may serve a statewide or multi-state area.
Leader: Laurie Arp,

ASCLA Consortial E-Books Interest Group
The purpose of the ASCLA Consortial E-Books Interest Group is to provide a regular forum for consortial discussion and to meet at Annual and Midwinter conferences. We believe that consortia represent a large segment of libraries, and we think that acting as consortia we can be influential with publishers and vendors to benefit libraries and library users as the e-book landscape evolves. We welcome any type of library or library agency as well as consortias.
Deirdre Brennan
Veronda Pitchford

ASCLA Consortium Management Discussion Interest Group
This interest group is focused on consortial funding, advocacy, services, etc., plus discussion group on topics of interest to library cooperatives statewide, multi-state, national cooperatives, and multitype library systems.
Leader: Sheryl Knab,

ASCLA Future of Libraries Interest Group
This group is open to anyone with an interest in the future of libraries. Changes in the world around us, different service models, new technologies, determining what our customers value and what our non-customers are finding elsewhere will be examined. This group will submit an annual recommendation to the ASCLA President for two areas that we think libraries should focus on to increase their value and insure their viability in the future.
Leader: Peggy Cadigan,

ASCLA Interlibrary Cooperation Interest Group
Provides a forum for discussion of interests in interlibrary cooperation and the statewide development of library service, emphasizing the interdependence of all types of libraries.
Leader: Scherelene L. Schatz,

ASCLA Library Consultants Interest Group
The ASCLA Library Consultant Interest Group supports professional development by providing programs, information exchange and networking opportunities of interest to independent librarians, library consultants, state library and regional library consultants, and anyone who wants to push the boundaries of librarianship.
Leader: Allan Kleiman,

ASCLA Library Services to the Incarcerated and Detained
Supports ALA members who serve patrons of any age who are held in jail, prison, detention or immigration facility.
Leader: Elizabeth Marshak,

ASCLA Library Services to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities that Prevent Them from Reading Standard Print Interest Group
This interest group focuses on assistive technology and accessibility services for people with visual or physical disabilities.
Leader: Carli Spina,

ASCLA Library Services for Youth in Custody
The purpose of this Interest Group is to advocate, promote, and improve library services for youth who have been detained in correctional facilities of various kinds.
Leader: Camden Eadoin Tadhg,

ASCLA LSTA Coordinators Interest Group
For staff responsible for procuring and administering LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act) funds and programs. LSTA is a federally funded state based program generally administered by the state library of each state.
Leader: Katie McDonough,

ASCLA Physical Delivery Interest Group
The focus of this interest group covers the physical delivery of library materials for resource sharing and related issues.
Co-Leader: Rae Cheney,
Co-Leader: Mr. James E. Pletz,

ASCLA State Library Agencies – Library Development Interest Group
An interest group for State LIbrary Agencies staff to network and discussion matters relating to library development services, activities, and needs.
Leader: Carol Desch,

ASCLA Tribal Librarians Interest Group
The purpose of this new interest group is to increase knowledge and networking among library leaders with tribal libraries. The goal is to foster new relations and begin lifelong partnerships with community library leaders and Tribal Librarians. This interest group is not just for “Tribal.” Tribal librarians and employees of tribal libraries as well as librarians and library leaders interested in knowing more about tribal libraries are welcome.
Leader: Lillian Chavez,

ASCLA Universal Access Interest Group
Interest group purpose is to promote inclusive library services – sharing information and resources.
Leader: Marti Goddard,

ASCLA Youth Services Consultants Interest Group
The purpose is to allow each state’s Youth Services Consultant or staff member responsible for working with youth services to keep abreast of topics of interest to the group and the constituents they serve in their states through listservs, and in-person networking meetings at ALA Midwinter and Annual Conferences.
Leader: Sharon Rawlins,