Do you dream of walking through the Long  Room of Trinity College’s library? Wandering in the footsteps of James Joyce? Cozying up for tea in the setting of Meave Binchy’s Circle of Friends?  You can do all that and more with like-minded friends on ASCLA’s trip to Ireland next May!

Can’t wait until May?  Here are four books to tide you over:

"The Green Road by Anne Enright"

The Green Road by Anne Enright

The Green Road is a story about family, leaving home and the power of coming home.  Set in County Clare, it follows the Madigan family as they grow up, leave home and make their way back for one last Christmas at there family homestead before their mother sells it.  Against a backdrop of rural western Ireland, this Man Booker nominated story explores the challenges of maintaining family relationships as adults.


Holding by Graham Norton

Although best know for his witty banter and crazy antics on his celebrity talk show “The Graham Norton Show,” Norton is also a writer.  After three biographies, Norton has produced his first work of fiction.  Holdings is mystery novel set in a small Irish village.  While attempting to solve a rare murder in this seemingly quiet village, Police Sargent PJ Collins uncovers the secrets and dark emotions that hide under the idyllic veneer of village life.


The Princes of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd

The Princes of Ireland is the first of two volumes in the Dublin Saga, a well researched and engaging telling of eleven centuries of Ireland’s history.  Princes of Ireland follows the people of Dublin from the pre-Christian era through failed revolt of 1534. This saga will provide readers with a solid background in the rich history of this island nation while entertaining them with a thoroughly engrossing story.


Absolution by Murder by Peter Tremayne

Absolution by Murder is the first book in the long running mystery series starring the Irish nun and legal scholar, Sister Fidelma.  This story begins in 664 at the Council of Whitby called to decide which tradition, Roman and Celtic Catholicism, will be practiced in Northumbria.  When a leading member of the Celtic delegation is murdered, Sister Fidelma is called in to solve the mystery before it turns into all out war.  This is a highly engaging series that not only entertains but explores the cultural and religious traditions of early medieval Ireland.  Peter Tremayne is a pseudonym for the well respected scholar Peter Berresford Ellis who has written around 100 books of fiction, non-fiction and short stories.

Ready to book your trip?

Cost*:  $2250 per person for double occupancy (single supplement +$500). Airfare and travel insurance not included, but can be provided upon request. Gratuities not included. $500 per person non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. There is a maximum of 10 of single supplement fares available, please inquire at time of booking. Room sharing is available and encouraged, but not guaranteed; otherwise the single supplement applies.

Terms and Conditions*:  Although unlikely we reserve the right to alter the itinerary or change hotels if required. Once deposit its taken it is not-refundable. Participants must be in good health and able to walk long distances in order to participate in the itinerary. Booking this itinerary means you comply and agree you are in good physical condition to participate as if not you may not be able to be accommodated during the trip for portions of the itinerary.

Reservations/Questions: please contact Deb Gisby, 847-579-9898 at Frosch or email

*subject to change

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