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Function Statement[edit]

The Libraries Serving Special Populations Section (LSSPS) is charged to improve the quality of library service for people with special needs, including people who have vision, mobility, hearing, and developmental differences, people who are elderly, people in prisons, health care facilities, and other types of institutions; to improve library service for families and professionals working with these people; to foster awareness of these populations and their needs in the library community and among the general public. To carry out this charge, the Section will provide forums, membership activity groups, and discussion groups to stimulate activities, to discuss issues, and to exchange ideas concerning quality library services for these special populations. The forums will assist libraries in initiating and improving these services, foster library programming, serve as a liaison with other agencies concerned with these populations, encourage instruction in library schools regarding these populations and services, serve as a clearinghouse for ideas and resources, develop standards of service, monitor legislation affecting library services for these populations, and encourage their participation in librarianship, and in ALA.

Forums include Library Service to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities, Library Service to People Who Are Hard of Hearing or Deaf Forum, Library Service to the Impaired Elderly, and Library Services to Prisoners Forum. Discussion group is the Academic Libraries Accessibility and Disability Services Discussion Group.

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