Recently I made the very difficult decision to resign from my position as Executive Director of ASCLA. An opportunity to do association management consulting came available and it is just right for me. Still this was far from an easy decision. Over the two years I have served, I have come to know many ASCLA members and appreciate even more the work you all do. From my previous work in ALA I was aware of ASCLA’s commitment to accessibility, to funding for libraries and to library legislation, to resource sharing and to continuing education but over the past two years I’ve had the priviledge to see that commitment in action and it is inspiring.� You do important and valuable work and I will always treasure the opportunity I had to work with you and assist where I could.

ASCLA is in very good hands under the leadership of president Carol Desch, vice-president Brenda Bailey-Hainer, past-president Barbara Mates and councilor Ken Wiggin and the rest of the ASCLA board. I want to thank them for welcoming me and helping me learn the ropes. I also want to recognize the contributions of my staff colleagues, the web manager, and marketing specialist Liz Markel. They bring so much enthusiasiasm, talent and fresh perspective to the job and it has been a joy working with them.

Thank you again for all your good work and best wishes to you.

Barbara Macikas, ASCLA Executive Director

Editor’s Note: Please wish Barb good luck with her future endeavors. We will all miss her!