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Explore the Emerald Isle with ASCLA - May 10-17, 2018

Explore the Emerald Isle with ASCLA – May 10-17, 2018

Do you dream of walking through the Long  Room of Trinity College’s library? Wandering in the footsteps of James Joyce? Cozying up for tea in the setting of Meave Binchy’s Circle of Friends?  You can do all that and more with like-minded friends on ASCLA’s trip to Ireland next May! Can’t wait until May?  Here are four books...
Armchair Traveller: Fictional Scotland

Armchair Traveller: Fictional Scotland

Scotland has long been an ideal setting for some of our best loved fictional series, such as the Harry Potter series, the Outlander series, not to mention the works of Alexander McCall Smith.  But here are some titles you may not have come across.  There is still time to reserve your spot on the upcoming...
Armchair Traveler: Scotland! It's more than bagpipes and Nessy

Armchair Traveler: Scotland! It’s more than bagpipes and Nessy

By Christina C. Wray Did you hear?  This fall you can join a wonderful group of bookish friends for a literary romp through Scotland!  ASCLA is hosting a fun filled excursion from Oct. 28 – Nov. 5, 2015.  Want to learn more about Scotland?  Here are some excellent non-fiction books to get you started: Scotland:...