Press release

Aurora, Colorado, February 2, 2010 – BCR and LYRASIS are pleased to announce that they are exploring the potential for a closer relationship that would better serve members of both organizations. Building on their previous cooperative efforts to offer digital and preservation services, the Boards of the two organizations are discussing a variety of options that would allow both BCR and LYRASIS members to take advantage of the unique offerings of each organization.

Brenda Bailey-Hainer, President & CEO of BCR, says of the new development, “I am very excited about the opportunities that these discussions offer. BCR members would not only continue to have the outstanding services that BCR has always provided, but would also benefit from the rich array of additional services and resources from LYRASIS."

“BCR has many innovative programs and services. LYRASIS members have asked how we can partner with BCR and bring these programs to our region. We are very excited about what this potentially can mean to our members and how it will complement our programs and services,” says Kate Nevins, Chief Executive Officer of LYRASIS.

As discussions evolve, the Boards of both BCR and LYRASIS will evaluate available options and determine a path for action. Both Boards are committed to ensuring continued high levels of service and expanded programs for all members, while at the same time gaining the efficiencies offered through economy of scale.