We present to you the Post Midwinter 2011 issue of ASCLA Interface.  In this issue, we report on some activities that took place at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Diego in January.  We also look forward to some events that you can look forward to—and register for—this summer at the ALA Conference in New Orleans.  We also have several excellent articles submitted by ASCLA members for your enjoyment. 

Some of you may notice the new issue designations that I have adopted.  Rather than seasonal (spring, summer, fall, winter) descriptions, I have converted to realistic designations (Post Midwinter, Pre Annual Conference, Post Annual Conference, Pre Midwinter). This is the schedule that drives our organizations, so why not use the same schedule to identify our newsletter issues. Besides, as I look out my window at the daffodils and forsythia, I could not use WINTER on this issue!

Interface is here to communicate the diversity among the various groups that make up ASCLA.  Beyond reporting the official news and events, we hope to take a better look at what the members are doing in their own organizations.

Please remember that Interface is here for you! This is the best place for you to report on your successes and your great organizations to your colleagues within ASCLA. We need your news to keep Interface exciting. The deadline for the next issue will be April 15, 2011 (great day!) Please start writing and submit something.

Anne K. Abate, ASCLA Interface Editor