Submitted by Brigid Cahalan, Outreach Coordinator, New York Public Library

Please see the links below for a couple of items that may be of interest to ASCLA members.

Age-Friendly Tips–This is a list of ways to make your library more age-friendly. The list was prepared at the request of the Age-Friendly NYC team. The team asked a variety of professionals for lists of “10 s” to make their organizations more helpful and welcoming to all, but especially to older adults.

From The New York Public Library’s web page and Age-FriendlyNYC: “10 Ways to Make Your Library Age Friendly”

Hearing Loop Technology–This is a link to a New York Times article about the hearing loop, a technology that has been used throughout the country and the world in many libraries and other buildings–and even outside areas like Yankee Stadium–to provide increased access for many with hearing loss. Although it is not the only answer, it can be very effective if combined with devices such as FM systems, and real-time captioning, when possible.

New York Times article – 10.23.2011 – “A Hearing Aid that Cuts Out All the Clatter” hearing aid that cuts out all the clatter&st=cse