Submitted by Diantha Dow Schull, DDSchull Associates,


It is my pleasure to announce publication of 50+ Library Services: Innovation in Action, published by ALA Editions. This book examines the key issues driving change in how libraries work with older adults, and explores the implications of these changes for the library profession. The research involved documentation of hundreds of projects and programs and I thank all of you who contributed ideas and examples.  

If you would like to order a copy of the book see: . The coupon code SLSA13 will reduce the cost by $5 and can be used on the online store, or via phone or fax orders. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in circulating information on the new book, and the discount, to members of your library community.  

For information on other new trends in libraries and museums – and the grantmakers that support their work — please visit my new website:   You will find posts on the California Reads program, on expansion of the Family Place Libraries model for early learning and parent support, and on how libraries across the country are adopting creative aging programs. You will also find information on the upcoming preconference on Creative Aging ( at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June.

It is an exciting time to be working with institutions that promote knowledge, imagination and access to information, and I am looking forward to reporting my observations on the visions, challenges and accomplishments of these institutions in the coming years.  As one example, I plan to use the website to highlight new examples of innovative 50+ services, which are being continuously developed as libraries respond to demographic change. 

For those of you with whom I have worked in the past, this message serves as an opportunity for re-connection.  For the last four years I have been much occupied with writing, consulting, teaching and two wondrous little granddaughters.  Although I am not on Facebook, nor do I Twitter, I hope to stay in closer touch with you.  I look forward to your comments on the book and the website and to learning your thoughts on new developments on the library landscape.