Summer has finally arrived in Indiana. The sun is shining and the dogwood and redbud trees in my woods are in full bloom. It’s a great time to reflect on growth. Winter turns to spring, and summer inevitably leads to fall. It’s tempting to think of it as a predictable pattern. And yet, my woods also grows and changes from one year to the next.

At my library, we’ve been busy all winter preparing for a new digital creativity program, hoping to attract young audiences. We’ve raised the money, designed the space, moved collections, rethought our programming model, hired a new manager, and chosen a contractor; the work will begin soon. We’ve also committed to improving services to people with disabilities in our community, and invested in library-wide staff development, updated our website, and participated in National Disability Awareness Month programming in our community. Like the trees outside my window, we have not been dormant, but have instead been preparing for our next season.

I hope that your winter was equally productive, and that you’re also thinking about changing and renewing your services to meet the needs of important new audiences. ASCLA is a great place to share ideas, challenge your thinking, and find colleagues to join you on your journey. I hope to see you soon in Las Vegas or online.
Sara Laughlin
ASCLA President