We are pleased to announce a new online learning opportunity from ASCLA. The course, “Improving Library Services for People with Disabilities”, is designed to educate and empower library staff at all levels to provide the best possible services to differently-abled library users. Our goal in creating this course is to provide every one of your staff–whether new or seasoned–with the essential information they absolutely need to know to successfully meet the needs of all users at your library.

During this four-week course, Oct. 17-Nov. 11, participants will:

  • Identify differently-abled library users who face both visible and invisible challenges when it comes to accessing the library.
  • Review the evolution of attitudes, laws and practices affecting services to people with disabilities.
  • Learn about appropriate etiquette, alternative communication techniques and people-first language that support successful services to special populations
  • Discover assistive technology already available at your library.
  • Discuss the rules for applying policies and procedures of your library.
  • Ultimately set one personal goal for improving services, and identify one organizational change that can be implemented to improve services at your library for people with disabilities.

We encourage you to participate in this exciting new course—you can register online now. Registration starts at $130 for ASCLA members. Group discounts are available for two or more participants from the same library, library system or network. Learn more about this course and other educational opportunities at the ASCLA online learning page.