The Hero Project: Tell your story at the Annual Conference

ASCLA members: you are heroes.

Your work makes a significant difference in the lives of library users both locally and across the country.

We want to tell everyone how awesome you are, and we need your help to do it.

Throughout the Annual Conference, we’ll be collecting ASCLA members’ stories about why you are a hero–simple statements about why the work you do makes a difference. We’ll snap a quick picture, take a quick video or record your 1-2 sentence statement about your heroic efforts.

For example:

  • I am a library hero because I bring books behind bars.
  • I am a library hero because I make the library available to people who can’t read traditional print books.
  • I am a library hero because I connect people and resources through my consulting work.
  • I am a library hero because I fight for funding for public libraries.
  • I am a library superhero by day, and an ASCLA volunteer by night.

In addition to telling your story, this is an excellent opportunity to wear a superhero cape. Color options are “Heroic Blue” and “Sidekick Yellow”.

What’s that? You’re convinced you’re not photogenic at all? Here’s my promise to you: the process will be fun and (relatively) painless, and the end result will be amazing.

Together we’re going to help get the word out about the important and powerful work of ASCLA members. I hope you’ll set aside any fears you may have and come be a part of this inspirational project.

Now…ready to participate? We thought so!

Fill out this survey so that we can meet up at Annual and capture your hero statement:

Even if you’re not going to Chicago, you can still participate! There will be an option to submit photos–we’ll follow up with you next month about the process. Fill out the survey accordingly and we’ll be in touch.

Do it for the libraries!


PS—If you know of an ASCLA member who is a library hero and should be participating in this project, please forward this message to them and personally invite them to participate!

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